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My RV office

Posted by James Cooper on June 21, 2015 at 5:42pm 4 Comments

Before, during and after shots. Now I have a functional office in my 5er. Stain the legs and find a nice sheet of formica that goes with the colors and I'll be done. Still seating for 3 for dinner which is all I need being single. 2 hours and…


Moving day

Posted by James Cooper on June 20, 2015 at 5:20am 2 Comments

Time to move 100 miles North into New Hampshire. Still "living the life" and staying too busy with losses. So much for retirement and fishing. I haven't fished once since I went to being a full timer. Taking a week off at the end of the month…


Onward, Into the Unknown!

Posted by Robert Brooks on June 15, 2015 at 12:25pm 6 Comments

We are a husband and wife team who have just passed the license and are soon to receive our (All Lines) adjuster's license.   We are empty nesters, ready and willing to go anywhere for any amount of time.

Thus far, our strategy has been to…


Tablet vs. PC for Xactimate 28

Posted by Gaby Franzese on June 9, 2015 at 1:56pm 0 Comments

Hello All,

Does anyone have any experience in using a tablet for Xactimate work? Is it hard to transition from PC to tablet? Is there anyone that teaches Tablet Xactimate? Thanks.

Has anyone had a relationship with Professional Staffing Services? If so, please provide your opinion.

Posted by Randall Price on May 8, 2015 at 3:05pm 0 Comments

Has anyone had a relationship with Professional Staffing Services? If so, please provide your opinion. Continue

Ride along

Posted by Luis Monreal on March 11, 2015 at 7:07pm 0 Comments

Hi everyone I am a newbie and have a license in Texas and Oklahoma and waiting on my Louisiana license and would like to go on a ride along for auto claimsa in the Houston area or any city near by. Just want to see how the process is to process a… Continue

Frustrated Adjuster

Posted by Jon Hayes on February 15, 2015 at 5:50pm 10 Comments

Fellow Adjusters,

I find myself in a frustrated state with my career as an adjuster. I am going into my fifth year in this profession and instead of it getting easier to find work and stay busy I am finding that it is becoming more and…



Posted by Harry Levitt on February 11, 2015 at 12:29pm 2 Comments

I thought I would pass along a problem with one of the IA firms out there. I've done claims for Bishop Claims and not only do they take 6…

$60 SAVINGS!!!

Posted by Donald Graham on February 10, 2015 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

Hail season is just around the corner and I am pleased to offer a 20% discount for the EZLadder Guardian Contractors Combo Kit to all Adjusters thru Febuary 27,2015 Use discount code MIS2015 win checking out at,…


Site for past weather analysis?

Posted by Dave Kaiser on February 3, 2015 at 1:51pm 1 Comment

I have a lightning claim and remember one of my instructors saying that the past weather conditions on any particular day could be checked for any location, including if there was a thunder storm on a previous day.

I have looked at all the…








Xactimate 28

Started by Steve McGraw in General Adjuster Knowledge. Last reply by Steve McGraw on Wednesday. 13 Replies

Had to bite the bullet and switch over to this latest and greatest software. In my professional, considered opinion this program is a POS. Clunky, slow, over-engineered, over-geeked, and only created because the cubicle nerds at Xactimate ran out of…Continue

Xactimate Services

Started by Robert Brooks in General Adjuster Knowledge. Last reply by Jeremy Rettig Jul 15. 6 Replies

A few weeks ago I got my freshly minted All Lines Adjuster license (Texas).  Shortly thereafter, I got work adjusting daily property claims – both PA and IA.  I learned that the work is interesting and that the people I dealt with were by and large…Continue

Tags: services, xactimate

Anyone Getting Paid For Photos?

Started by Steve Neff in General Adjuster Knowledge. Last reply by Steve Neff Jun 24. 30 Replies

Hey All, I thought I would touch on a subject that I’m sure many of you have thought about. That is payment for photos. Yes I know, independent firms have to do what the client wants.I talked to an old field dog on this subject and was educated as…Continue

Office position in Katy, TX

Started by Rory Parker in General Adjuster Knowledge. Last reply by Robby Robinson Jun 15. 1 Reply

Katy, Texas office. Seeking an administrative person with insurance office or back ground experience. Position for answering phones, all mail exchange email traffic, setup assignments, run reports, etc. This is a 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday…Continue

Daily Adjusters needed

Started by Rory Parker in General Adjuster Knowledge. Last reply by Robert Brooks Jul 11. 2 Replies

Seeking a day claim IA claims adjuster to work multiple carrier files. This will be for an adjuster that does not cat but works day claims from home. Need heavy commercial property, casualty and liability experience. This may entail some mediation /…Continue

Desk work for rookies?

Started by Dan Dixon in General Adjuster Knowledge. Last reply by Frankie Crum Jul 27. 9 Replies

Got a call to do desk work for property claims. Looking for thots from experienced adjusters on pros and cons of this work for rookies.


Started by Wil Panduro in Residential Claims May 28. 0 Replies

Had one of those pesky  ceiling leaks for a while now.  Not able to get up on roof as usual for a spell, so . . . had to put up w/ the d/w damage for  a 2nd winter, or as we have begun to call affectionately here in So-Cal, Why Bother With Winter…Continue

Tags: date of loss, covered losses, maximum prescribed time, policy holder obligations, types roof leaks

Rental Car Discounts?

Started by Cass Hania in General Adjuster Knowledge. Last reply by Cass Hania Jun 15. 4 Replies

Hey, I am flying to San Antonio, TX to work some hail claims.Can anyone steer me to a rental car company that offers discounts to Insurance Adjusters?Hotels also?Thanks in Advance.Continue

Tags: cars-hotels, rental

Legacy Claims Service Accepting Applicatons and Resumes

Started by Steve McGraw in General Adjuster Knowledge Apr 27. 0 Replies

Legacy Claims Service is looking for adjusters with at least two years of experience to place on their roster for Citizens claims and storm deployments. I have been working with them for the past six years or so and highly recommend them as a vendor…Continue


Complete Adjuster Training

The 8-Day course is constructed to produce a licensed professional adjuster who can manage insurance claims from start to finish. This is a combination of Licensing, Scoping, and Xactimate Training. Your career starts...

Adjusters' Boot Camp                    

Mile High Adjusters Training Academy is now offering a 5-day mentoring Adjuster Boot Camp. This course is designed for the inexperienced, or less experienced, adjuster that wishes to understand the real-time pressure of meeting the insured, scoping the...
This 4-day course covers insurance law in preparation for the Texas All-Lines Adjusters License exam. The Texas All-Lines Insurance Claims Adjuster License is the nation's most sought after insurance adjusting license due to its reciprocity in 44 states. With...
The 2-day Xactimate 27 Intermediate/Advanced course is designed for the Xactimate user who has an understanding of basic sketch, the property loss industry and common construction terminology. Following the Intermediate/Advanced Xactimate course, you...
Symbility Mobile Claims property claims processing system provides a powerful efficiency tool for on-site claim estimation and is a complete estimating application designed to take advantage of wireless, pen-based computers. Data collected on-site is...

Inside Adjuster/File Examiner Training                    

The File Review course is a 5-day session with an emphasis on training file reviewers, desk adjusters, and examiners who may or may not write estimates as field adjusters. We teach our adjusters to understand property estimates that are written by field...

          Fundamentals of Xactimate                    

This 3-Day course is an introduction to the most widely utilized Xactimate property estimating software used in the field by claims adjusters and insurers. The Mile High Training Academy ensures that all Xactimate courses are taught by certified level...

          Basic Scoping Techniques                    

The 1-day introduction to the scoping procedure from an insurance adjuster’s standpoint. Topics include methodology behind a proper scope and expectations from the insurance carrier. Mile High Adjusters Academy offers a one day class using "real life...

          Introduction to Computers                    

This 2-day course teaches the fundamentals of computers with emphasis on Windows 7, and an introduction to Microsoft Word and Excel. It is designed for individuals with little to no computer experience. This course is essential for individuals with little...

                        Meet & Greet                     

RSVP to join our experienced Licensed Insurance Adjusters the following dates for an informational seminar and Meet & Greet. During this event you will learn the ins-and-outs of what it means to be an insurance adjuster and have the opportunity to speak...


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The FOATA NETWORK is proud to announce we can handle all our members Initial licensing needs through AdjusterPro and is accredited in all states that licenses their adjusters.

The most popular Adjusters licenses and most sought after are the Texas and Florida All-lines adjuster license with Texas being reciprocal in up to 32 states and Florida not far behind.

Texas Adjuster License:  The 3 day Texas Adjuster Pre-licensing course (including exam) satisfies all Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requirements for obtaining your Texas insurance adjuster license. Once completed, you will simply submit your Agent/Adjuster application to TDI. No further testing, no extra study materials, no additional coursework. Once your application has been submitted, you can expect to be a licensed Texas adjuster in three to four weeks.

Online Tx Adjuster Licensing:  The 40 Hour Property & Casualty Texas Adjuster Pre-licensing course satisfies all Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requirements for obtaining your All-Lines Texas insurance adjuster license. Once you have completed your online course, you will simply submit your Texas Agent/Adjuster application to TDI. No further testing, no extra study materials, no additional coursework. Once submitted, you can expect to be a licensed Texas adjuster within weeks.

Florida Adjuster Licensing:  The 4 day Florida Certified Adjuster Designation program is recognized by Florida Statute 626.221.2 (k) as an approved adjuster designation exempting graduates from the state exam requirement.. Once completed, you will simply submit your online application to the Florida Department of Financial Services. No further testing, no extra study materials, no additional coursework. Once your application has been submitted, you can expect to be a licensed Florida adjuster within a few weeks.

Online Florida Adjuster Licensing:  The 40 Hour Florida Certified Adjuster Designation course satisfies all Florida Dept. of Financial Services requirements for obtaining your All-Lines (5-20) Florida insurance adjuster license . Once completed, you will simply submit your online application. No further testing, no extra study materials, no additional coursework. Once submitted, you can expect to be a licensed Florida adjuster within weeks.

Georgia Adjuster Licensing:  Forty Hour, Pre-Licensing Course offered monthly in Atlanta. The 4 day Georgia Property & Casualty Insurance PreLicensing program offered here satisfies the state of Georgia's 40 hour prelicensing class requirement while preparing you to pass the state adjuster exam. The Certificate of Completion issued upon successful completion of the 4 day course is needed to qualify for the state exam.

Rope & Harness Certification for Two Story/Steep Roof Adjusting: Students in this exciting new 8 hour workshop will actively participate in anchoring a climber and ascending and descending a real house with an 11/12 roof pitch Learn More...

Xactimate Training:  Three day course with 15 TX and FL CEUs (Continuing Educations Units) with basic through advanced Xactimate 27 certificationLearn More... 









 Hey guys!! I just wanted to point out to our newly licensed brethren that your camera is one of the most important pieces of equipment an adjuster MUST take care of.

With that being said, that $100.00 camera / that $900.00 camera is absolutely worthless when you have dead batteries.

Buy Bulk Batteries Duracell & Energizer 9V, AA, AAA+ Many Ship Free - Volume Discounts

Lithium Batteries - Lithium Battery


As adjusters, we are often the only person the insured sees from the insurance company. So how the insured sees you is how they see the insurance company. So we need to ensure that we look professional when we show up to their property. The folks at The Working Person's store understand this and offer all the best in name brand work clothes from DICKIES and CARHARTT. To sweeten the deal even more they offer FREE SHIPPING, it can't get any better than this !!


As adjusters we are all self employed and as such we go through alot of office supplies. Why patronize the big box chain stores that offer sky high prices and minimal customer service. Go through BULK OFFICE SUPPLIES.COM and have your supplies shipped right to your front door. 

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When we are on a risk, more often than not we are in a dwelling that has sustained significant to extreme damage whether from a hurricane/tornado/flood/etc.....

The adjusting professional takes his/her safety very seriously and your eyes are no exception. Check out the multiple styles of safety glasses/work gloves/worg boots available through DeWalt.  There is no reason that safety can't be stylish at the same time.


Good luck and stay safe in 2013!! 

Robby Robinson



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